Yosemite Get Away

A well needed break from the chaos, the internet, yes even music. It felt so great to be out in nature, hiking up to a vernal waterfall, just magnificent, massive and magical! No matter how many pictures I take, it doesn’t justify the true beauty. Sitting out by the campfire, looking at the black sky covered with stars I haven’t seen since I was very little, seeing a few falling stars….it certainly felt like heaven. On our drive there and coming back from Yosemite we didn’t listen to the radio at all. Perfect silence. Great conversations. I need to remind myself to do this more often, to just unplug. For someone who’s usually attached to their phone, it didn’t bother me a bit that all of my devices didn’t work, I actually felt slight relief.

Cheers to mother nature and all the gifts she has blessed us with. 😉